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TOBALÁ, A Rare Treasure


Small and broad leafed, the Tobalá maguey is found in high desert canyons. It is slow growing so we are careful to harvest responsibly and limit our production. Tobalá is sought after for its sweet nose, intoxicating range of flavors, and long, smooth finish. In Doña Vega Mezcal, it produces a true connoisseur’s spirit, a seemingly endless series of sensations, a depth of experience that continually inspires and surprises.

Rounder and more subtle smoke profile. Creamier, velvety mouth feel, doesn’t offer the same “heat” as espadín.

Tasting notes: macadamia, walnut, crema, soft hickory, dehydrated fruit, cacao nib, nougat, vanilla, toasted oak ABV: 43.0%

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